November 24, 2009

A Fun-Packed Holiday Week Starts with List After List After List

30 Days of Cozi

by Kavita Varma-White

It’s a busy holiday week for our family with a mid-week dinner party, Thanksgiving with friends, and then a weekend getaway to Portland.

With lots to plan (dinner menu,) buy (ingredients for Thanksgiving pies) and organize (packing for the trip,) Cozi’s Shopping List features have been a tremendous help. (Since I want to share all my lists, I’m keeping even my to dos in the Shopping List area, since the to do lists can’t be emailed or texted the way shopping lists can.)

List 1: Dinner With The Malones. We’re hosting my husband’s colleague George, his wife Steph, and his mom, who is visiting from out of town. My customary research on whether anyone has food allergies turned up a few culprits: shellfish, guacamole and heavy cream. (Too bad. I make a great sautéed shrimp dish.) I decide on a down-home meal of Greek-style ribs, roasted veggies and a tomato pie.

I love that when you do a grocery list on Cozi, you get automated word suggestions that are both helpful and amusing. Type in R and you get: Raisins, Ranch, Rash Cream (???), Razors, Refried Beans and... Ribs. (Bingo!) After the dinner party, I’ll change the name of my list to ‘Greek Ribs Menu’ and save it in my Organized Lists file for future use.

List 2: Thanksgiving Desserts. We are orphans this Thanksgiving with no family members nearby, so our friends Laura and Jon have invited us to their home. I am bringing desserts and getting lots of help from my 10-year-old daughter/sous chef. We’re doing Pumpkin Pie and mini Pecan tarts, and I’m letting her input both recipes into a Cozi grocery list, which we’ll print out and take to the store. (She’ll enjoy checking off the boxes as we get each item.)

List 3: Packin’ for Portland. Having just moved to the Pacific Northwest last year, we’re making our first road trip and are very excited that it’s an easy 3-hour drive to another state! (In Florida you can drive for 8 hours... and you’re still in Florida.) A “Portland Weekend” list will remind me of all that I need to get done, like packing clothes and snacks for the car ride. (Will also send my husband his very own list: get the car washed, detailed and filled with gas before we go!) A third list of the Things-To-Do-In-Portland ideas I’ve researched will be sent to my phone, so I can access it all weekend.

Get your family organized and on the same page with Cozi, the free online family organizer.

Kavita Varma-White is the author of The Bellevue Blogette, a micro-blog serving Bellevue, WA. A former lifestyle editor of the Florida Sun-Sentinel, she is now the Seattle editor of, a website focused on kids and families. She is also a consultant and writer for Lifestyle Insights, a firm specializing in women-friendly new media content. In service of her ongoing search for great things for families and kids to do in the Seattle area, Kavita deploys the hard-hitting analysis of her two children, ages 10 and 7.


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