October 29, 2009

3 Things to Do with Halloween Candy Instead of Eating It

Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so you can bet it will be big. Instead of pulling tricks to reduce the amount of candy your kids eat, like trading it in for toys or simply throwing it away, put it to good use! Here are three alternatives to eating it all:


Halloween is perfectly timed for candy recycling. Stash away an assortment of candy, or just the stuff no one likes, for November and December holiday decorating. Use the candy for decorating holiday gingerbread houses, making tree decorations, and adding special touches to holiday cards and wrapped presents.


Did you know that you can use all sorts of candy to do science experiments that will amaze the kids?  Get instructions for making lifesaver lights, playing sink or float, getting the "m" off the m&m's, and lots more at candyexperiments.com.

Make a Teacher Happy

Teacher appreciation week doesn't come until spring. Show some appreciation now with an overflowing candy dish in the teacher's lounge! Or, maybe a classroom needs some supplies for their own decorating projects or experiments.

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bz CO Mom

We let our kids eat it for about a week and then they trade the rest in to the book fairy. The book Fairy gives them books in exchange for candy. The timing is great because there is always book fair at our school in Early November.

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