October 07, 2009

7 Steps to Writing a Thank You Note

When someone takes the time to give you a gift, you should take the time to show your appreciation by putting pen to paper. A handwritten note conveys something that a card, a call or an e-mail just can’t. The most important thing is that it's written. Note that most of these thank you card steps can be adapted for your littlest letter writers as well.

  1. Start with pretty paper. Note cards are easy to find and allow you to keep it short. A gracious thank you doesn’t need to be a lengthy letter.
  2. Greet the giver. Dear Aunt Helen/Grandma/Miss Brown is fine.
  3. Say thanks. Name the item that you received.
  4. Show enthusiasm and discuss how the gift will be used. For example, if your gift was a book, you might write something such as, “I’ll enjoy the novel on my vacation next month.”
  5. Show interest in the giver. State that you look forward to seeing the person soon or can’t wait to catch up on his or her life.
  6. Say thanks again. Really. It never gets old.
  7. Sign off. Use “love” if appropriate; for something more formal, “regards” or “sincerely” works well.

It’s nice if you can write your thank you notes within the week. But during the busy holidays, within the month is acceptable.

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