October 27, 2009

Helping Around The House Might Help You Get Lucky

Here at Cozi we’ve heard it countless times before, “I love Cozi, but I can’t get my husband to use it!” For all those in this category, we’ve got some ammo for you...

“Guys: Want to Increase Your Chances of Getting Lucky? ”
Scientific Study Confirms That Couples Who Collaborate on Family Tasks Have More Sex

We’ve known for some time here at Cozi that there’s a connection between keeping the chaos of family life under control and having better relationships. And we even wondered if dads who actively share in using Cozi with mom might actually score more often in the bedroom because of it. After all, it seems logical that if dad helps mom out enough so that they are BOTH free to relax in the evening, there’s gonna be more time for the fun stuff.

But little did we know that there was some hard science to support our speculations. Turns out that while we were tossing around speculations, some pretty serious researchers -- Dr. Constance T. Gager and Dr Scott T. Yabiku, both professors at Arizona State University -- were talking to families and taking notes. Now they’ve published their findings in the Journal of Family Issues, and the results are pretty clear: Families that reported more cooperation on chores, reported having more sex too.

The study is getting noticed, and was covered by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday in an article called, “Housework Pays off Between the Sheets”, which is pretty racy for the WSJ, don’t you think? As they summarize it, the key is a “work hard, play hard” attitude on the part of both spouses. Everyone helps, everyone wins.

Our big takeaway?  Whoa dudes, time to get crackin’!

Luckily, you can start winning brownie points with mom right now by scheduling some family time on the Cozi Family Calendar. Get more ideas on how you can use Cozi to simplify family tasks so you’ll have more time for fun.



I am not ashamed to say...as a busy father and husband that uses Cozi to help keep us organized, and pitches in to wash a load, empty the dishes, and make a quick run to the grocery store on the way home...it pays dividends for sure! It also helps to set a great example for my two boys - Mom works hard too; let's all do our share so we have more time for the fun stuff!

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