October 13, 2009

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Halloween night will be a time for your children and their friends to get together, don costumes, and head out into the crisp fall air with flashlights to light the way. Here are some ideas for special festivities to help you celebrate the holiday this year.

Invite the kids to your home to get into their costumes. The early part of the evening will be spent getting ready, and it’s always more fun to get ready with friends. Make sure to play some creepy music to get everyone in the mood.

When everyone is ready, don’t forget to snap lots of photos as everyone admires each other’s costumes. Afterward, you can light the candles in the pumpkins, outfit everyone with a flashlight and a loot bag, and be on your way.

As any child will tell you, the main focus of the night is the actual trick-or-treating! The kids will want to hit all of the houses known for giving out whole bags of candy or large candy bars, and it’s always fun to go to the houses that have been decked out with spooky décor. Some people might even act out a scary scene when they thrust open the doors.

Of course, adult supervision for trick-or-treating will be necessary, and you’ll need to make sure to keep the group together. You can expect trick-or-treating to last about 90 minutes. Enjoy!

Upon return, the kids will undoubtedly want to eat some of their candy, but you can also try to interest them in something to cut the sugar. To stick with the theme, prepare snacks in the Halloween spirit. For example, chicken tenders served with BBQ sauce, black tortilla chips with salsa, or deep purple grapes would all make great Halloween night fare.

While the kids are snacking, they can also get to work on their candy trading. This will also be a time when they will dump out their loot bags, look for their favorites, and trade goodies with their friends. This is definitely a sugar-filled holiday!

After all of this fun, the kids will be ready to head home with their parents, but celebrating this special tradition together will mark the evening as truly memorable.

Happy Haunting!

--Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs


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