October 28, 2009

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

It’s Halloween season again, the perfect season for a Halloween Treasure Hunt. Mike, Peppers and Pollywogs’ own poet, has created a great set of Halloween decoration clues to keep the kids on the hunt for their treats!

Here are the clues and answers:

Clue: If you find your next clue, I hope that you’ll grin. It’s under a vegetable that’s lit from within. Answer: Jack o’ lantern

Clue: Where’s the next clue? I think that I saw ... the last one holding it was made out of straw. Answer: Scarecrow

Clue: Some say I’m corny, but I’m also quite sweet. Finding the next clue will sure be a treat! Answer: Candy corn

Clue: I’ve got spirit, yes I do, but even when I’m cheering, I still say boo! (I’ll try not to scare you when you come for your clue.) Answer: Ghost

Clue: The “point” of your next clue is really quite eerie: the woman who wears me calls children “Dearie.” Answer: Witch’s hat

Clue: I’ve got a “bone” to pick with you. It’s about time you come and get this next clue. Answer: Skeleton

Clue: By eight hairy legs, I have been spun. If you can find me, your clue will be won. Answer: Spider web

Clue: Boil, boil, toil, and trouble. Come get your next clue, on the double! Answer: Cauldron

Clue: With my body of wood and feet made of straw, I’m the strangest flying vehicle that you ever saw! Answer: Broomstick

Clue: My body is black and my legs count four. Some say it’s bad luck when I cross the floor. Answer: Black Cat

Clue: You’ll be green with envy over the bolts in my neck. I may have your clue; why don’t you come check? Answer: Frankenstein

Happy Halloween hunting!

--Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs


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