October 01, 2009

Get the Latest on the Flu

Track the Flu Around the Nation and World

H1N1 flu activity in U.S.
A weekly report of H1N1 flu activity in United States, from the CDC.

Flu activity worldwide
A comparison of H1N1 and other flu types around the world, from the CDC.

Google Flu Trends
Uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity

State and region specific information
H1N1 and seasonal flu news, information and resources by state or region, from flu.gov.

Get the Flu Facts

Everything you want to know about the flu is at flu.gov - one-stop access to U.S. Government avian and pandemic flu information. Find out about the types of flu, flu symptoms, the latest on the H1N1 flu vaccine, recommendations for how to prevent the flu, and ways to help kids in school.

Get Flu News on your Phone

Get up to the minute news with CDC health information on your mobile device

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



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