September 24, 2009

Toys for Building and Bonding: LEGOS


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Some toys are fun the first time, and then ignored.

Legos Building Toy Set

Others are fun the first time, and then played with repeatedly for years!

If you’re looking for something in the latter category, I have one word for you: LEGOS.

As any parent of a 4-10 year-old kid knows, Legos represent good times, and not just for the kids. They’re fun for parents, too. After all, most parents today grew up playing with Legos themselves. Some of us even remember building Legos with our parents, and we’re reliving our own childhoods by building Legos again with our kids. Building these memories with your kids is as real and as important as building the Lego pirate ship, Lego castle, or Lego spaceship that you and the kids might be creating together right now.

What is it about Legos that makes them so appealing? In my mind, they’re simple, yet brilliant. They’re all about imagination and creativity. They can be played with alone, or played in a group. They can occupy your child while you’re doing the dishes, or they can be an activity for parents and kids together, for an hour or a whole day. Build a Lego car, or build a Lego city! Legos last forever, and so do the fun memories of building Legos together.

For every birthday or holiday, Legos are at the top of my kids’ wish lists, and whenever I ask a mom what to bring as a present to an upcoming party for her child, the first thing she lists is Legos.

Legos are great presents, because they come in a wide range of prices, and there’s always something new and cool to add to any Lego fan’s collection. One fun set that fits easily into the birthday present price range is the Lego Pirate Ship. It’s reasonably priced at under $20, and it can guarantee hours of fun, building, creating, and playing. If you’re interested in an add-on, there are several extra sets for under $10.

Even without a birthday or occasion coming up, imagine how excited your kids would be if you surprised them with a Lego pirate ship the next rainy afternoon that comes your way. You could transform an otherwise TV-filled day on the couch into a magical day of building and bonding to the sound of rain drumming on the roof.

What more could a kid ask for than a toy with the potential for unlimited fun, and a parent willing to give him the gift of time? Now that’s pure gold, Matey.




This is so true - my six year old just brought another Lego original for show-and-tell today - for the third week in a row! Whenever he is too quiet in his room, I usually find him building some new Lego creation...


My kids love Legos, too! They play with them for hours, and just can't get enough. That's all they want for their birthdays coming up this fall. Much better than video games!!!

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