September 07, 2009

Night Before School Checklist

School Family helps parents help their kids succeed in school. provides expert insight, information, and resources for parents of school-age children in grades K-12.

Make school mornings easier by getting organized the night before. The complete chart allows you to list your child's nighttime chores.

  • Pick Out Tomorrow's Outfit
  • Make Lunch
  • Gather Homework
  • Clean Up and Put Things Away
  • Put On Pajamas for Bedtime
  • Clean Teeth and Drink Water
  • Download the Night Before School Checklist

Download the complete Night Before School Checklist.



Shouldn't this say Sunday-Thursday???


I'm with you... the days of the week need to be changed to Sunday - Thursday.


Why do they need to be changed?? Seems perfectly fine to me!


We try to take care of school on Friday so that the class info is fresh, extra supplies are gotten, and we try to really have a break. Sometimes we even "make lunch" and get an extra treat with a quick trip to the neighborhood park or a blanket on the den floor in bad weather. Kids do all the "work." Thanks!

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