September 29, 2009

Shopping Simplified!

Cozi knows that you want the best products for your family, but don’t always have the time to research all that’s available out there. Cozi’s new shopping expert – Cozimama – will help find the best of the best for your family, so you don’t have to! Fast, simple and mom-recommended!

Dinnertime Conversation Games! 

Click here to buy Table Topics Conversation Cards- Family Edition for only $25, and get FREE Saver Shipping from Amazon today. Cozimama review: My favorite! An excellent game for all ages and all occasions, from a quick bite to a Thanksgiving feast! Everyone in your family will LOVE this game!

Click here to buy Family Time Fun Gather ‘Round Restaurant Game for only $22.04, and eligible for FREE Saver shipping from Amazon today. Cozimama review: Highly recommended for entertaining wiggly kids when you’re out to eat!

Click here to buy Food For Talk Cards for only $12.44 and eligible for FREE saver shipping from Amazon today. Cozimama review: A nice selection of questions for older kids and adults.

Click here to buy Table Topics Conversation Cards- Teen Edition for only $25, and get FREE Saver Shipping from Amazon today. Cozimama review: The BEST game out there for engaging your teens at the table! These questions will definitely get them past the one syllable grunts you might be getting to most questions you pose!

When it comes to family dinners, the menu is important. Equally important, though, is the conversation. If the meal is good, but the only table talk is about spilled milk or who gets the last piece of bread, no one will want to come back for seconds.

Table Topics- Family Edition

Generating good family conversation is often harder than coming up with meals everyone likes, especially if your kids span a wide range of ages. If you’re not getting more than a single-word answer to any question you ask your kids, dinnertime conversation games will be your salvation.

My personal favorite is Table Topics, both the family and teen editions. The questions are just right, with a perfect blend of topics, from funny to serious. Whichever game you choose from this list, though, the result will be hours of fun and interesting conversation between parents and kids. Whether you have a 4-year-old or a 14-year-old, dinnertime games are a simple and fun way to get your family talking.

By any measure, that’s a recipe for a successful family dinner. Before you know it, you and your family will be looking forward to family dinners, more for the fun times than for fancy food.



We own table topics and love the game! You're sure to find out something new about a family member every time you play it!


Table Topics is our family's favorite game! Someone gave it to us as a present, and we play it all the time. In fact, I just bought another copy to give to a friend for her birthday!


These games sound cool. I think I'll get one as a gift for our friends who have invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them. It could be fun over Thanksgiving dinner.

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