September 22, 2009

A Celebration of Autumn


Ready for Autumn? The air is crisp, the summer’s bounty is about to be harvested, and it’s a time to enjoy the season with your children and family. Here’s to a celebration of the traditional season of fall. If your child is having a birthday party in September or October, this is an excellent theme.

This party works well at your home or at an outside venue, such as a local farm. Find out if there are any local farms in your area that allow parties; hayrides and apple picking would be great activities to include.


  • Place cutouts in leaf or autumn harvest shapes on card stock, and include all of the information on the inside of your cards.


  • Orange, brown, and yellow are great colors for this theme. Purchase party and table ware in these colors. Alternatively, you can decorate with leaf patterns.
  • Use mini pumpkins for your table centerpiece.
  • Tall cornhusks and bales of hay would add another decorative touch to the party.


  • Paint or decorate mini pumpkins for the kids to take home.
  • Make scarecrow candy necklaces. Using straw, have the kids string round candies with holes in the center to make their necklaces.
  • Sponge paint placemats with leaf shapes.

Games and Activities:

  • Bob for apples.
  • Have a pumpkin roll contest. Divide the kids into two teams, and give each team a pumpkin. Have the kids line up and roll the pumpkin from person to person to one end and back.
  • Toss a hula hoop around a large pumpkin.
  • Have the kids jump over bales of hay as an obstacle relay race.
  • String up donuts and tie the kids’ arms behind their backs. Have them eat the donuts off of the line without using their hands.
  • Hold a scavenger hunt outdoors. If the party is at night, give the kids glow sticks.
  • Fill a large cardboard box with leaves, and place toys in the leaves. Have the kids reach into the box to pick out a toy.
  • Play hot pumpkin, like hot potato.


  • BBQ is always good for this type of a party; spice it up with spare ribs.
  • Chili with all the finin’s is also an excellent option.
  • Serve corn bread muffins.
  • Make crispy rice cereal treats with orange food coloring. Stick them on a popsicle stick for a treat.
  • Serve apple cider. As an added treat, place caramels on fancy sticks for the kids to stir into their apple cider to make hot caramelized apple cider.
  • Make caramel apples.
  • Make sugar cookies cut into autumn shapes. Have the kids decorate the cookies with frosting and candies.
  • Make a batch of cupcakes with orange frosting and black, orange, and white sprinkles. The kids can always do the decorating.

Goody Bags:

  • Purchase little plastic pumpkins, which are so popular as trick-or-treat bags this time of year. Fill them with all things fall: caramel apple cider packets with a cinnamon stick, little themed notebooks, pencils, erasers, pumpkin candy, and candy corn packets.

--Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs


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