July 29, 2009

Cozi Sponsors 15 Women Not Going to BlogHer

Ahead of schedule, we've chosen our 15 mommy bloggers. To apply for the sponsorship, the women needed to complete the following steps:

1. Write a post on their blog listing out the top 10 reasons why they were happy to be staying home with their families this past weekend.

2. Solicit comments from their friends on that blog post.

Cozi used the number of unique comments per blog post to determine who would be sponsored. We chose the top 15 blog posts with the most comments. Since we needed to factor out duplicate and anonymous comments, we had three different countings of the top 20 comment blogs. In addition to a comment count of all the blog posts by Lisa Samples of http://momof2boyswifeof1.blogspot.com/, we also had each of the top 20 bloggers count their own comments. Finally, we counted comments ourselves. Good news: the top 15 blog posts were the same across all three countings!

Here is the list of Non-BlogHer mommies sponsored in 2009 by Cozi. Drum roll please...


The top sponsored blog post had a total of 157 comments. The 15th place sponsored blog post had a total of 77 comments. A total of 91 mommy bloggers applied for the sponsorship and 16.5% were awarded a sponsorship. The Top 10 lists were amazing and gathered over 3,800 comments. I hope the program was fun for all.

To all of you who did not get chosen for a sponsorship this time around: Cozi will continue to work with you (through Twitter and Facebook) to sponsor more mommy bloggers. Our goal over the course of the next several months is to somehow connect with every one of you since we are so passionate about trying to help simplify your busy, hectic lives with www.cozi.com.

Thank you for all the applications and I look forward to doing another one soon! You can checkout my own Cozi blog at http://blogs.cozi.com/robbie.

Robbie Cape


Can Can (Mom Most Traveled)

I did go to BlogHer, but I know that the party is where you make it :)
Fun contest!

Unorganized Momma

Congrats to all the winners and thanks Cozi for doing this! It was a lot of fun and I am happy to see some of the blogs I commented on on the list!


Thank you so much for offering such a great sponsorship!


No way! Thank you so much! Sending an e-mail now! You rock!

Deal-ectible Mom

Thank You so much for the opportunity! I feel so fortunate to be in the top 15!


Yay!!!Thanks so much Cozi.....this is an awesome opp!

Cindi @ Moomettes' Magnificents

Thank you so much for this honor and to all who helped make it possible! See everyone at BlogHer10 in NYC!

Night Owl Mama

WOOOOo Whoooo Cozi!! Thanks so much for running a fabulously fun Sponsorship
I had a blast participating and commenting for my bloggy friends that were not at blogher sitting home with the family like me.

IF I don't make it to BLogher10 I'd be proud to participate again next year. See you on the Tweet Side Contact me anytime :)
Thanks again

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