June 10, 2009

What to Do Before You Go

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10 travel tips for planning a great getaway

Travel tips MLB From travel advisories and security regulations to weather conditions, here are the Websites to visit while you’re getting ready for your next vacation.

Pack Light

With some airline carriers charging $25 for a second checked bag, overpacking will lighten your wallet. Limit yourself to one carry-on bag, if possible. (onebag.com)

Fly Through Security

Get the U.S. government’s information on what you can and cannot bring onboard. (tsa.gov)

Consider Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help you recover expenses if you get sick on your cruise, a hurricane strikes your destination or your airline goes broke. Besides protection for trip cancellation, interruption or delay, some policies cover services such as emergency medical evacuation. (insuremytrip.com)

Bring the Correct Documentation

Make sure you know what identification you’ll need for your trip. Also, you may want to photocopy your ID documents and credit cards and carry the copies somewhere other than your wallet, or leave a copy with a friend at home. (dhs.gov)

Get Updated Health Information on Your Destination

Learn about any health advisories, required vaccinations and whether the water is safe to drink. (cdc.gov)

Watch the Weather

This site will alert you to any severe weather on the horizon and help you decide what to pack. (wunderground.com)

Check Travel Advisories

If you’re traveling internationally, see if your destination is on the U.S. Department of State’s radar. ( travel.state.gov)

Pack Medications in a Carry-On

Bring more than enough of any necessary prescription medications to cover the duration of your trip, and don’t pack them in a bag that will be checked. You should also carry a copy of prescriptions (with both brand and generic names) and contact numbers for your doctor and pharmacist. If you wear glasses, ack an extra pair.

Get a Good Seat Assignment

With seat maps for hundreds of planes, including legroom and recline information, you’ll never get stuck by the bathroom again. (seatexpert.com)

Make Sure Your Home Seems Occupied

  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery.
  • Arrange to have the lawn mowed.
  • Set timers so the lights come on randomly.
  • Put a timer on a radio or television.
  • Don’t change your voice mail or e-mail message to say you’ll be away. Turn down the ringer on your phone so it can’t be heard outside the house.

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