June 16, 2009

Neckties for Father's Day?

Does anyone still give neckties for Father's Day anymore? Whose idea was that anyway—that something meant to wrap snugly around the neck was the perfect way of saying, "Thanks, Dad, for everything you do"?

Dads sometimes get a bum rap, on TV especially. Too often, they’re made out to be forgetful and easy to trick by anyone over the age of 5.

This doesn't sound like any of the dads we know. We know of one who blocks out time in his Cozi calendar for his two daughters. It's sacred. No one can shanghai him with early-morning meetings; this is when he and his kids make lunch together and talk about their days.

We know of another dad who takes his infant daughter to work with him, because he has the kind of job where you can do that, and his wife doesn't. He never complains—except on those days when the baby is home sick. He misses her.

And then there are all the bike-riding lessons. The teams they coach. The ways they teach their daughters and sons what it means when the box says "some assembly required."

Our favorite kinds of dads, though, might be the ones who never appear in the photo albums. Those dads have a good reason for it: they're the ones taking all the pictures. Someday, when the kids are grown and they look at those albums, they'll have a perfect view of Dad. Not so much what he looked like, but what he saw when he was raising them. In so many ways, that's an even better picture.

So on Father's Day, here's to all the dads out there. Yes, sometimes you might get the lamest presents in the world, but what’s really being said with all those neckties is thanks. The most important ties aren't the ones in the gift box. They're the ones that bind families, forever.

Happy Father's Day!
- The Cozi Team


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