June 16, 2009

Father's Day Celebration

June is a special time for Dad! Father’s Day falls mid-month and is a celebration of all he does for the family. Typically, it is a day to let him have some time on his own to sit in a hammock while sipping a cool drink with nothing to do. That’s a great way to celebrate, but your kids may want to do something more active to show their appreciation. If you’re looking for some fun ways your kids can celebrate Dad, check out these simple ideas for a grand day.

  • Serve Dad breakfast in bed. Usually Mom gets this royal treatment, but turn the tables and make him all his favorite breakfast foods. Don’t forget the Sunday paper and comics—the kids can read these with him.
  • Have the kids make a fun banner that says, “You’re the best dad!” and hang it outside his bedroom. To make the banner, cut different shapes from heavy card stock and write a letter on each one. Punch holes in each letter and string yarn through them. Hang the banner from a doorframe for a special greeting.Happy Father's Day!
  • Instead of purchasing cards, have your kids make their own using construction paper and craft items, such as sequins, glitter glue, and yarn.
  • During the week prior to Father’s Day, have the kids decorate a special jar or box and fill it with notes describing all the things they love about Dad. On Father’s Day, present him with the special container, and have him read all the things the kids love about him.
  • What is Dad’s favorite fun thing to do? Does he love playing Frisbee golf? How about riding bikes or going to the ballgame? Think about what he loves best, and plan a family outing in honor of him. You could even add it to the family calendar.
  • Are there any chores Dad continually asks the kids to do? Create a coupon book that divvies up the chores, and have the kids promise to do the chores willingly when they are presented with a coupon. Make the coupons good for a whole year!
  • Create a photo album of special moments from the past year with Dad. This can be a digital photo album that you post online or a physical album that you present to him on Father’s Day. Make sure to add captions to each picture for added fun.
  • If the weather is good, have a BBQ, but let Dad rest in his hammock with the cool drink while the family does the cooking his favorite way—unless he insists on taking over!
  • Although it’s not Mardi Gras, make a crown for Dad using craft items. Crown him king for the day and bake a King’s Cake too. Hopefully Dad will find the special good luck charm in the cake.
  • Give Dad time on his own to do as he pleases. Schedule two or three hours of the day in your family planner and let him be! Unscheduled, nothing-to-do time is a precious gift!

Happy Father’s Day!

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