May 27, 2009

Use Cozi this Summer

Use Cozi lists to simplify vacation planning: If you’re heading away on vacation this summer, you’ll want to enjoy your escape, not labor over logistics. By using Cozi lists for your preparations, you’ll simplify your life and the planning process. Cozi lists can help you keep track of whatever needs to be done to coordinate your vacation in advance, including airline reservations, car rental reservations, and so much more. Keep all your confirmation codes and trip-related information in your Cozi trip list - you can access it from wherever you are via the phone (by calling 1-888-808-COZI) or via the web. Cozi lists will also help you coordinate your vacation packing. With lists for each family member, you can delegate packing or other pre-trip prep work. Enjoy your vacation more by using Cozi to help you get there!

Keep summer schedules straight with Cozi: Kids are busy all year long, and summer brings a whole new set of scheduling challenges, especially for working parents. Let Cozi be your summer scheduling solution! With Cozi as your family planner, you can keep track of your kids’ summer camp plans, swimming lesson schedules and carpool arrangements. For keeping in touch with your family while everyone’s on the run, Cozi’s text to phone feature is a great way to communicate about plans and scheduling changes. Or, if your family prefers a written reference, you can print copies of the family schedule for reference on the run.

Make summer menus easy with Cozi: Summer is the time for backyard barbecues and picnics at the beach. Keeping menus simple and quick makes for more family fun and less meal stress. Cozi can help! By using Cozi to keep a list of quick and easy menus that are popular with your family, you will always have meal ideas at hand. You could even add menus as appointments to your daily calendar, so you can easily keep track of the meal plans for the week, and keep the whole family on the same page. Of course, if you’re invited out for a last-minute barbecue, you could easily bump your meals back a day and enjoy more summer fun with friends.

Record your special summer memories in Cozi's Family Journal: So much fun goes on in the summer that by August, it’s hard to remember what happened in June. With the Cozi Family Journal, keep track of the memories as they happen. By adding a picture and jotting down a few quick notes about the event right after it happens, you’ll have an ongoing record of all your summer activities, events and vacations. From your daughter’s first swimming lesson to that 4th of July beach bonfire to the Labor Day family reunion, you’ll be so glad you kept track of the fun as it happened, because it’s almost impossible to recreate all the special moments later. When it’s time to head back to school in September, you and your family will love reading through your Cozi Family Journal to reminisce about all the fun times you had together over the summer. You might even decide this was the best summer yet, and you’ll have your Cozi Family Journal to prove it!

--Marian Hyland


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