May 28, 2009

Stressless Vacation Planning


How do you gear up for a family vacation without all the hassle? Preparation is important, but attitude, especially a sense of humor, is just as crucial. Things are bound to go wrong, but if you follow these simple suggestions, you can get your pre-trip tasks done — and handle any surprises — with less stress.

Expect the Unexpected
SnorkelkidsMissed flights, delayed dinners and other en-route glitches can cause anxiety levels to soar. Stay cool by stocking up on bottled water and healthy, nutritious snacks, and don't forget to pack a few extra books and small toys that the kids don’t know about. If you get delayed, you'll have a surprise activity.

Pack Smart
Keep items separated in resealable plastic bags. This will ease trips through airport security by making repacking a cinch. Also, take along items that tend to be more expensive at vacation resorts, such as sunblock.

Book a Suite
An extra-large hotel room might seem pricey, but it’s often the best deal for a big family. And you can all be together. Ask about the availability of sleeper sofas and rollaways if you need additional beds.

Pamper Yourself
Get in a vacation frame of mind. Treat yourself to something special ahead of time, such as a pre-vacation massage or sunless tan. Use a self-tanner for a risk-free, sun-kissed glow. Smooth on more when you get home to extend that summery look for weeks afterward.

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