May 06, 2009

Staying Sane During Spring Sports Season


 Spring has sprung, and if your family is full of busy, young kids, your family calendar is undoubtedly bursting with spring sports events. With baseball, lacrosse, spring soccer, tennis, and swimming all hitting between March and June, no season seems busier than spring for kids’ sports. Some of you may have multiple kids, each in a different sport, or if you’re really lucky (LOL) you might even have a child playing multiple sports simultaneously.

Kids SportsFortunately, Cozi doesn’t have a limit on the number of activities you can add to any given day in your family planner, so while your family might reach the breaking point on insane busyness, your Cozi calendar won’t let you down.

In addition to adding all your kids’ sports practices, games, clinics, and tournaments to your family calendar, you can also use Cozi to help with other spring sports planning.

  • Keep lists in the shopping list section for each sport or for each child. Include lists of key dates coming up so that you can see them at a glance.
  • Add directions for game locations so that you can call in for directions while en route.
  • Having snacks and drinks in stock can make or break your pre-game prep, so remember to keep game-day essentials in a dedicated shopping list.
  • Keep a separate checklist for items to pack up on game days. For tennis tournaments, you might need stadium chairs, but for lacrosse games, you’ll need field chairs. If you keep a separate list for what you need for each sport, you’ll never find yourself without a seat!
  • Kids love to have extended family cheer them on at sports events. During the spring sports season (or all year round!), consider adding extended family members to your Cozi account to allow them easy access to sports schedules. If you’ve added directions to lists in your account, family members can access game information and directions without having to ask you. (NOTE: If the extended family members have their own Cozi accounts, don’t forget to use different e-mail addresses for them in your account so that you don’t create an account conflict.)

So take a deep breath, add your key dates to your calendar, and create a slew of lists to get your spring sports season off to a winning start. The season will pass more quickly than you imagine, and you want to keep it as simple as possible and enjoy the fun!


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