May 01, 2009

Protect Your Kids in Organized Sports

Making Life Better
Parents can help ensure that kids stay safe in team sports. To make sure your children play it safe, follow this action plan from the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

Prepare Your Kids
Have your little ones warm up before games, wear safety equipment, and drink liquids throughout games and practices.

Observe the Coach
Attend a game or practice to check that the coach knows and adheres to the rules of the game, offers specific tips for improvement ("Drop your elbow when you throw") rather than generalities ("You need to throw harder") and is patient with kids who aren't stars.

If the coach doesn't perform satisfactorily in any of these areas, talk to him privately. Most coaches have kids' best interests in mind and will listen and make adjustments. If not, go to the league supervisor.

Screen the Coaches
Do a background check on the coach. The cost is usually minimal — about $15 per report. Talk to other parents and approach the league supervisor to make your request. There's strength in numbers.

Check The Condition of Equipment
Appropriate equipment should be available for each child and should be properly sized and in good shape. Point out equipment problems to the coach or league supervisor and ask that they be rectified. Or buy your child his own equipment — but be sure to label it clearly with his name.

-Making Life Better



Children is the future of our country ,need us careful care.

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