April 15, 2009

The Four Things to Toss From Your Closet Right Now

Get rid of these four fashion frenemies that undermine your look and overwhelm your storage space.

Practically Boring

Sure your mother-in-law meant well when she gave you that perfectly fine but frumpy cardigan. But even your wardrobe basics should have something special about them: a great cut, unique detail or a flattering neckline. Don’t get caught in the trap of saving a serviceable item that makes you feel less than fabulous. Plus giving away drab duds won’t make a lick of difference if you never wear them.

Dress in the Moment
What good are pants that you can wear only five less pounds from now? All they do is eat up closet space and make you feel fat. Toss them. Instead of thinking that you are to blame for not fitting into these clothes, consider that it’s the clothes that don’t do anything for you. Your wardrobe should be a collection of “yes” clothes that flatter and compliment you just as you are. When you lose those five pounds, you can celebrate with new pants.

Forgotten Fashions
Perhaps a dress was a must-wear a couple of summers ago, but now it’s two seasons old and a decade away from qualifying as a red-hot retro style. Give long-lost looks to charity and make room for new favorites.

The Right Age
Is that midriff-baring top truly suitable now? Could that mid-calf pleated skirt be adding unnecessary years? Revel in your age, play up your assets and purge anything from your closet that doesn’t help you do both. Anything that went to college with you should go — even if it wasn’t that long ago. You’re out of school, and it’s time for a more polished look. Exceptions: classic pieces with good lines can stay no matter your age.

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Go thru your old shoes too! Your feet grow and you can't use the excuse that you'll fit into them again!


Toss them??? If this is about living green, advising people to throw away perfectly good clothes is completely missing the point. Check out your local Freecycle group at Freecycle.org or giving to your favorite charity.

PB Princess

I think a lot of us are "good" on our clothes and we need to remember that even though things still "look" in good shape, bra straps stretch, elastic comes out of underwear/stretches ect so those are good splurges!!


Gotta go through your underwear drawer too. Better to have just a few fab fitting bras than a drawer full that never fit quite right! Also, ditch droopy panties!


By this standard, I'd lose my whole closet! and I'm in "shopping the resale shops" mode right now (no easy task for a 20W!)


Let's remember we're in a recession! How about being thrifty and making do with what you have? The clothes I wore in college are still in style and look good on me and I graduated 4 yrs ago. The problem with our society and economy now is encouraging people to buy things they can't afford; always wanting more, more, more!


I agree with Wendy; in the spirit of living green I know of groups of women who get together for a "My sisters closet" party. You bring your quality - but unwanted- clothes and see if anyone else can use or wants them. If anyone asks you where you got it from, you can say from "my sisters closet".

Diane Campbell

Clothes are expensive.I think alot of people could stop spending so much on clothes and save more money. I have many friends that think nothing about buying new clothes every pay day. That is they charge this expense.Buy now and pay later. Our society seems to encourage people to buy more and more things. Maybe we should not worry so much about the clothes we wear and the food we eat.Seems like someone long ago gave that advice.


I understand the pack rat side of this article, but also feel that we shouldn't just throw them away! Charities, the "my sister's closet" party idea, or some other way of allowing someone else to get use of those items is a better option. Another idea is to find a quilting group at a Senior center or Church and donate the items to them (except undergarments of course). Many quilters would love to have your out of date or unwanted clothing (cleaned of course) to use to make quilts. Some of these groups donate their quilts made from donated clothing to homeless shelters, etc. What a wonderful way to recycle and keep it green!


I agree with all those who have advised against simply throwing out your clothes and things. As for the 'only 5 less pounds' advice, I am finally on the way to losing some weight and I can't afford all new clothes! If having them hanging in your closet is a 'reminder of your failure' then pack them in a box or tub out of sight. Once you lose the weight it will be like having a brand new wardrobe! I shop quite frequently at resale stores like Salvation Army and GoodWill - I LOVE the things I find there! Freecycle is also a great resource to find or get rid of things.


When I read this article I didn't take the "toss them" as to throw them in the trash. I took it as toss them out of your closet. What you choose to do with them once they are out of your closet is your own choice.

Rhonda Hulse

I loved your idea, I went to my closet after losing over 100 lbs this past year and washed and what I could not wear the right way I donated to the thrift shop that had sponsered me for tech classes. I was my way of doing 2 good things at once.


I agree with Traciann. The first suggeston was "giving away", the third to giving to charity, and the fourth to purge or keep classics.


I also didn't read "toss them" to mean literally throwing the things away. It's a common phrase for getting rid of something, by whatever means you choose. Toss the stuff from your closet if you must, but by all means give or donate to someone that could use the item. That being said...I think there is WAY to much emphasis in society these days to always wear the new fashions, but very few people can really afford to constantly be updating their wardrobes. Put your money to better use! There is nothing wrong with wearing something that you got last year or the year before. Good grief.

K Buhler

"When you lose those five pounds, you can celebrate with new pants"

Once again, our country's emphasis on weight is glaring--and 5 measly pounds? If you are a woman, your weight can fluctuate that much morning to night, depending on sodium intake, hormones, etc!

We need to go by how our clothes feel/fit. If muffin tops are a problem or you've noticed your clothes don't fit, start walking and eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Sure, the advice to donate clothes that really don't fit--you can nowhere near button those pants or squeeze into that skirt, etc.--is a good one. But I take issue with that 5 pound comment. It's ludicrous, sorry!

Don't focus on weight. Don't weigh yourself daily EVER. Once a week in the morning first thing is fine. Go by how you feel, how your clothes feel, and keep balance in your life.

Good advice otherwise to share our outdated clothing with others and clean our closets in the process. I could very well take this advice myself!


One good thing I've learned in my city is freecycle.org you can give away free things in the city you live in, and it not only applies to clothes but household items too! This is to save useful items from being sent to landfill, and the items you don't need someone else can use! Try it today! www.freecycle.org


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