April 22, 2009

Stop Procrastinating - Spring Into Action!

Winter months sometimes drain us and make it easy to put things off. When spring comes, it shines new light on those things. That light can expose dirty windows and dusty corners and it can bring a sense of renewed energy to tasks that seemed foreboding during the dullness of winter. Now is the time to latch on to that energy and start closing those “open circles” in your life. Here are some ideas to help you stop procrastinating and “spring” into action!

When you look at all of the projects that need your attention, begin by prioritizing. You may discover that some items are no longer worthy of your attention. They are stale and you need to let them go. Pick the top three tasks in front of you and break them down into smaller step. Many times you will find that there is a step that has you stuck and you need to get more information to move on. The treasure here is when you realize you actually need to delegate some smaller pieces. Then your project becomes do-able.

Now set goals and put things on your to do list and your calendar. Set deadlines to create some urgency and accountability to yourself. Create accountability with someone else too. Tell someone your intention and suddenly you are on a team!  Taking it one step further and getting a partner will really help you get to completion.

Insert small rewards in your process. If you think about it, you have built some pretty strong procrastination muscles by rewarding yourself every time you avoided the task and did something you liked better instead. Now reward yourself when you stick with it!

Engineer an environment that prompts you to stay on task and minimizes distractions. Use timers and alarms to keep on track. Avoid any negative self talk and just dig in. If it feels like you still don’t know where to start, just commit to work on it for 20 minutes and things will illuminate. Work in cycles with breaks and rewards so that you stay energized and motivated!

Leslie crop Leslie McKee is a Certified Professional Organizer and Family Manager Coach. She empowers her clients to live more simply and with purpose.


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