April 15, 2009

Simple Steps for Gardening With Children


What you'll need:

  • A child-size garden plot
  • Some child-size gardening tools
  • An assortment of seeds or plants (vegetables, flowers or a mix of both)

What to do:

Get your kids involved in deciding what to plant in their garden. Some kids get really excited about the idea of growing their own fruits and vegetables. Suggest colorful vegetables, like peppers, to make the garden more beautiful and interesting to your kids. Some children prefer to stick to flowers. Sunflowers are always a huge hit with kids because of their mammoth size and spectacular appearance.

  • Decide whether you want to start the garden with seeds or plants. Remember to factor in both the growing conditions in your area and your kids' patience level. The beauty of starting with plants is that you end up with an "instant garden."
  • Don't expect your kids to do all the garden maintenance themselves. If you pile too many chores on them, you'll risk turning them off. It'll seem too much like work.
  • Encourage your kids to keep a gardening journal so they can record of how their garden does from year to year: which plants tend to thrive and which ones don't.

--Making Life Better


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