April 17, 2009

Family Night Ideas

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Have you ever noticed that spur-of-the-moment ideas often produce the most fun of all? Sometimes it can be fun to toss planning to the winds. Think of family nights together as little celebrations that turn almost any evening into a special event.

Tailgating at Home
Who says that tailgate have to happen in stadium parking lots? On the big game day, back the SUV up the driveway and party away. Grill up some hot dogs and burgers. Toss Frisbees. Use a snow bank as a cooler for the soda cans. Then head back indoors, set out your favorite snacks, and let the game begin.

Movie Nights
Fluff up the sofa cushions, gather the family, and crank up the video. Make movie night a regular weekly event, and give each family member a turn at choosing the theme. Or pull out a great old comedy that you loved way back when. You might be surprised by how many new laughs an old, old favorite can ring up.

Nights for Remembering
Kids love seeing images of themselves when they were younger. So make a night of it: Dig out the album, dust off those home movies, and spend the evening reminiscing about events, friends, family—and the younger you.

Going Back to Basics
Turn off the TV. Light lanterns and candles. Roast marshmallows in the fireplace. Live life as it was before electricity. Take turns reading chapters of a mystery novel. Entertain one another with music and songs. Tell ghost stories and take turns making each part creepier than the last.

Idea Nights
An evening spent coming up with ideas for family night can be an event in itself. Then act on the ideas—make it a date, a priority to count on. Even if it’s just one night a month. One night for fun...one night to celebrate being a family. More than likely, you’ll discover plenty that’s new about the people you’ve been closest to all along.

--Making Life Better


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