November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Cooking with the Kids

Many children are little chefs in disguise...and even if they aren’t, come Thanksgiving, when everyone is in the kitchen, they will appreciate helping out! Including kids in the Thanksgiving preparations is a great way to get them involved in the excitement of the big meal. Kids will enjoy contributing in any way they can.

When thinking about Thanksgiving tasks for the kids, keep in mind both the children’s ages and the amount of time required for a given a task. Make sure that the kitchen fun is age-appropriate—most kids should not be using knives or other sharp objects, so these should be out of reach to prevent accidents. Also remember that kids will not want to be in the kitchen the whole day, as there are parades to watch, the football to throw, and perhaps a craft to do. Limit their time in the kitchen to keep them excited, but not bored and restless.

Here are some great kitchen activities for the kids on this special day:

  • Mash the potatoes
  • Fill the pie shells with filling
  • Stuff the celery with cream cheese
  • Arrange the vegetable tray
  • Set out cheese and crackers
  • Stir Jell-O
  • Freeze ice cubes with cranberries
  • Stuff the turkey
  • Place ingredients in the salad and toss
  • Whip the cream
  • Fill the deviled eggs
  • Roll out the pie crust
  • Peel potatoes and/or make the pie filling and bake (tweens and teens)

-- Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs
Enjoy this holiday with your children in the kitchen. Memories are made up of these times!


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