November 25, 2008

A Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

Pumpkin Pie Pic How about holding a thematic treasure hunt this Thanksgiving for your kids? Have them follow a series of clues to find Thanksgiving items around the house. Here are some clues to get your Turkey Hunt going:

Pumpkin Pie: Orange and spicy, with a dollop of whip, I sure am yummy!

Turkey: Stuffed and roasted, I crown your table where I am toasted!

TV: All day abuzz with the latest scores, I also take in those after-dinner snores!

Football: Tossed in the air from side to side, the winner I’ll decide!

Leaves: Colorful and crisp, I fall to the ground with no more than a whisper!

Pilgrim: With a black and white cap, I extend my hand and say thanks with a laugh!

Native American: Bearing maize and goodwill, let’s join together with friends far and near!

Parade: Large giant balloons afloat; if you attend, don’t forget your coat!

Hope these clues help get your Treasure Hunt off to a great start, and keep the kids busy too!

-- Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs


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