July 06, 2007

Site of the Week: MomsRising


MomsRising,org is a non-partisan grassroots organization that advocates for policies to help bring about a more family-friendly America. With over 120,000 members and growing at a rate of 500-4000/week, the core issues they address are:

M - Maternity/Paternity Leave
O - Open Flexible Work
T - TV We Choose and Other After-School Programs
H - Healthcare for All Kids
E - Excellent Childcare
R - Realistic and Fair Wages
S- Sick Days, Paid

The site is stuffed with information on current initiatives and relevant news, blogs, and links to help you get involved in local groups so you can take action both on- and offline. Not to leave Dads out, a companion site, FamiliesRising.org includes Dad blogs and discussions. MomsRising is Cozi's pick of the week for a site that might be of interest to families using the Cozi free online family calendar.


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