July 13, 2007

Site of the Week: Offsprung


Billed (by itself) as being "for parents who don't suck," Offsprung is a fairly new parenting magazine/community that navelgazes all-things-parenthood via a collection of blogs covering topics from gear ("Meconium") to television ("Huxtabled") to music ("Zooglobble") and beyond. You can even submit questions for Neal Pollack ("Ask Alternadad"), one of the site's founders and perhaps the most public faces of the "hipster parent" genre. Readers are invited who discuss parenting (and non-parenting) topics in "The Playground," where hosts start and moderate discussions based on the articles on the site.

The writing is witty and snarky, and the diversity of voices means that even if some of the blogs and topics leave you cold, there are plenty of others that hit the mark. If you're not a big surfer and prefer to have the "best of" delivered to your e-mail, sign up for the daily newsletter. Offsprung is Cozi's pick of the week for a site that might be of interest to families using the Cozi free online family calendar.


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