July 23, 2007

Confessions of a Cozi Collage Fanatic!

Collagesm When I first saw my family vacation photos in a Cozi Collage, I was instantly hooked! I love pictures, especially pictures of my kids, so I was a good candidate to enjoy the collages cooked up randomly by Cozi, but I didn’t realize just how cool the collages would be.

It turns out there’s something really magical about seeing previously individual pictures as part of a group of photos. Somehow, the collages manage to tell a story in a way that individual pictures sometimes can’t.

When I found that I could scroll through my Cozi collages by using the right and left arrow keys on my keyboard, a whole new world was opened up to me! Now I can just scroll right or left to see what the last collage was, or what the next one will be. The other day, I realized that I had been scrolling for almost an hour! That’s when I knew I was becoming a Cozi Collage fanatic!

Of course, this addiction is better than most any other, and it’s actually brought huge benefits to my life! I’m no longer scolded at family occasions for failing to send photos of the kids to the grandparents, aunts and uncles. Thanks to being able to send Cozi Collages via e-mail, I am back in the good graces of my extended family and in-laws! Just by hitting "S" on the keyboard, I can send pictures without any effort whatsoever, and it makes people so happy to receive these unexpected pictures!

Cozi Collages help me stay in touch with people who wouldn’t otherwise see pictures of the kids very often, and makes the extended family around the country feel more connected. They also give me an opportunity to enjoy the photos I take, and let the kids enjoy all the photos, too. It was a fun and sweet moment to come around the corner recently and see my 10-year old son sitting at the computer enjoying a collage of a recent family vacation.

So I freely admit to being a Cozi Collage addict and fanatic, and my life is definitely better for it! As my family and friends keep telling me, keep the collages coming!


Judy Long

I really enjoyed reading "Confessions of a Cozi Collage Fanatic" as it echoes my feelings about this feature.
I originally got it to share the calendar between home and work, but it's the collage that I love. My little grandson is thrilled to see his pictures, and they reinforce his memories of the beach, a picnic, or whatever event he's been part of. He also gets to see family members that live far away on a regular basis.
Thanks for this great feature.

Krystal Pridemore

I just found Cozi on the internet today and subscribed and added our schedules for each family member for months ahead. I spent a small amount of time getting familiar with how it works and was very pleased how quick and easy it was to get everything set up and everyone organized. I was searching for something that had a family calendar and organizer for grocery shopping to make those not so fun chores more tolerable. I definitely found what I was looking for in Cozi. It dawned on me when I was entering the family schedule that it would be nice to have a separate box to organize the kids with their daily chores. I think this would be a very handy and valuable tool. The kids could easily look up what chores they have to do for the day. It would be cool to have a place to put a "sticker" next to the chore that is completed to keep track of earned allowance money. It would be a good idea to have a place to enter a "reward" they would earn for completed chores and/or good behavior at the end of the week as well. Anyway, just thought this would be something I would love to have and I'm sure many others would agree. Thanks for considering my ideas and letting me put my two cents in.
Krystal Pridemore, Illinois


To Krystal Pridemore re: kids' chore list


I think I have a way for you to do this. You can
click on your grocery list and when it pops up, click the link at the bottom to "add" or create a new list. You can click on the title to name it whatever you want "Daughter's Chores" etc. Now simply type in what you want done. You can create a lot of other lists this way. I created Phone Calls/Letters lists, a To Do list, and a School list. You can delete and edit these as you wish.

You'll have to tell your kids to click on the grocery to see this, or you could simply make your grocery list read on the first line item "Kids, click on this to see your chore list today".

Alternatively, if they have their own email or cell accounts, you can email them what you want them to do from the right-hand side email or phone text box. They might enjoy getting an email this way, if they have time to check it in the morning.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Missy Wallace


i love this thing so far, i look forward to my husband utilizing the calendar to post his schedule so i know which groceries to buy for the week!! yay for Cozi!!

Angela Wade

Krystal... A chore chart with rewards as easy to use as the rest of Cozi?! What a great idea!!

I also think it would be nice to have a feature on the shopping list that would list local grocer's etc. specials. With five kiddos I am always shopping sales, and it ends up being a big part of my grocery list :)

We are really enjoying Cozi so far, keep up the good work.


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