June 05, 2007

Sleepaway Camp: Are we all really ready?

786564_69897588 Last weekend my husband and I took our sons to “Family Camp.”  This is the program name for a weekend “try out” of a camp they are signed up to attend this summer.

Our almost 9 year old son Avi is signed up for 10 days and his 7 year old brother Ezra is signed up for 5 days. 

At Family Camp we slept in bunk beds, ate way too much, sang songs, played on the lake – the usual.  The camp we’ve chosen is small and cozy and feels like a great start for them.

It’s also about an hour and a half from Seattle.  Just far enough to feel like an adventure.

But are they really ready?  Are we ready?

I know that for our older son it will provide an incredible growth opportunity.  He’s struggling with what to do about his special toy that he’s attached to.  He’s clearly worried the other kids will tease him.  It’s so heartbreaking and I’m trying to help him find something “cooler” that he’ll be more comfortable with.  It’s a long story that I’d like to blog more about but he’d kill me if he ever found out that I “told all” on this front. 

The hard part is that I’m attached to his special toy too.  When I see the boys with these toys I breathe easier knowing that they are soothed and that we have these last vestiges of babyhood still with us.  Heck we talk about these toys like they are actual members of our family! 

So on one hand I’m torn and don’t want them to grow up and on the other I know it’s time. 

I’d like to say my husband and I are planning a grand adventure for the 5 days that both of them will be gone but the truth is that I’ll be content to putter around the house, cook, clean – the usual. Just in case we get a call from one of them.  I’ll probably be holding my teddy a lot on those 5 days too.



What camp are you referring to? I have been trying to find a camp for my 10 year old son.
He's never gone before, but really wants to. I think that a location outside of Seattle would be optimal.



Have you checked out the YMCA sleepaway camps? Camp Colman is in Longbranch (@90 minutes from Seattle) and Camp Orkila is in the Orcas Islands, a bit farther away. My kids haven't been to either (not quite ready yet), but I've heard great things about them. There's also Camp Sealth on Vashon. I think we'll target next summer (mine will be 8 and 10 then) for our first attempts.

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