June 29, 2007

Site of the Week: Squibbles


It can be difficult to find good kid content on the net. Search engines are hit and miss, and even if you find sites that look good you can't necessarily tell if the content is age-appropriate for your child, or if there will be some things on it you'd prefer they don't access. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way for you to find content that other parents and teachers had recommended for kids, pre-vetted and approved?

Enter Squibbles, a site that allows parents and teachers to submit interesting kid sites, and then allows the community at large to vote for the links they like best; the more votes a link receives the higher in the list it goes, very much like the social news site Digg, but for the underage set. Links are broken down into four age groups, and after new links are approved, the most recent 25 remain on the home page before moving into the browsable and searchable archives.

As an extra incentive to submit good content, the top 25 users (based on total votes) submitters (based on number of squibbles submitted), voters, and talkers (based on number of comments) are displayed on the site. Squibbles is Cozi's pick of the week for a site that might be of interest to families using the Cozi free online family calendar.


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