May 18, 2007

Sites of the Week: Flickrvision & Twittervision

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If you're not ready to kill a bit of your time this afternoon saying "Whoa!" and "Cool!" then you probably don't want to visit either of these sites of the week. Flickrvision and Twittervision are "mashups" (putting two separate technologies together to create something new) that combine photos (in the case of Flickrvision) and pithy commentary (in the case of Twittervision) with Google Maps, to create a real-time view of the images and words that people are posting within minutes of the time they post then.

The results are mesmerizing - bite-sized pieces of peoples lives, displayed where and when it's happening. It makes the world seem just that  much smaller and more connected. Flickrvision and Twittervision are Cozi's picks of the week for site that might be of interest to families using the Cozi free online family calendar.



This is really cool, thanks for tell me about it!

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