April 12, 2007

Organizing Baby

Itzbeenproductsheetfront I feel like I'm a pretty organized person who works very well having things scheduled. I also like tracking things, sometimes with more enthusiasm than the situation warrants. But then along comes a product that makes even me feel like an organizational babe-in-the-woods.

The ITZBEEN is a timer for new parents that keeps track of how long it's been (clever!) since the last diaper change, feeding, nap, and whatever else they feel they need to track. There's also a toggle to help nursing mothers remember which side the baby last nursed on.

Personally... when I was parenting newborns I can't imagine wanting one more thing to remember to do... "Honey, did you set the nap timer?" We changed diapers when they were dirty, nursed when the baby was hungry (which, at times, was so constant that I wouldn't have wanted to know how few minutes rest between nursing sessions I was getting), and the babies napped when... well, when they were sleepy. But I guess, for some parents who feel a real need to keep track of baby care at this level of detail, it makes...sense?

What do you think? Overkill? Or should we get our developers working on synching Cozi Central with the ITZBEEN? <insert smiley face>



I would have been all over this thing! I always got so frustrated that my husband couldn't remember when we had last fed the baby or when the last nap happened and that it was all up to sleep deprived me! Too bad my kids are 6 & 8 - I think this thing is going to be a hit!

Roy Jacobsen

Would have been a dust-collector for us. All three of our kids were great at letting us know when they were hungry, tired, and wet or messy. To me, it looks like a solution in search of a problem. YMMV.


I wish I had one of these when my son was born. He was failure to thrive, so I had to document everything. Instead of trying to remember everything when I finally had a chance to log, having a button to push would have been wonderful.

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