March 15, 2007

Every Day Can Be A Holiday

Streamerssm The Ides of March are upon us (Beware!), following closely on the heels of Pi Day. We humans do love our celebrations, don't we? My family will soon celebrate Opening Day (April 2nd) with a trip to see the Mariners play, and just earlier this week we decided that Daylight Savings Day merited a slumber party in the guest room (since nobody could get to sleep an hour earlier than normal bedtime anyway).

It got me wondering... what fun and unique family holidays do other people celebrate? What special spin do you put on the more widely acknowledged holidays? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

If you're feeling low on the cheer and need some suggestions, this site has an extensive list of observances and holidays for nearly every day of the year. Party on!



We celebrate "Day of the Dead" -- my husband was born and raised in the Philippines and November 1st is a traditionally religious (Catholic) holiday with lots of feasting and honoring the dead.

We do it slightly differently :). On Halloween Eve, I prepare traditional Filipino dishes, such as bistek, chicken adobo, mungos, and we buy sweet treats from a Filipino bakery. We then have a family meal, setting one place at the table in honor of those family, and friends, that have come and gone before us. In particular, it is a way for us to honor Rom's parents, whom my children will never know.

Last year we celebrated with my brother and his family. After the meal, we did the usual "American" things -- the kids got their costumes on and went trick or treating.


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