May 06, 2009

Mother's Day Countdown

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With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to put a plan into place. Not sure what to do for the Mom in your life? That's easy; leave it up to her!

She might want to spend the day hiking with the family, or she might want to spend the day at the spa. She might want to sleep in, or she might want breakfast in bed. She might want to relax with the family at a backyard barbeque, or have dinner out at a favorite neighborhood spot.

The plans for the day don't need to be elaborate or expensive. They just need to be all about her. They need to be what she wants them to be, and the best way to find out what she wants is to ask her!

One friend suggested putting together a Mother's Day Questionnaire. The questionnaire would have all the time blocks of the day open and free for Mom to fill in. The questionnaire could even include menu choices for breakfast in bed and options for the other meals of the day. If she wants to eat in, she can choose the menu. If she wants to eat out, she can choose the locale.

Giving her the questionnaire before Mother's Day, and letting her plan the events of the day, will show how much you're thinking about her and how much you want her to enjoy the day that celebrates all that she does for you and your family.

If you aren't feeling creative enough to create your own questionnaire, let Cozi help with the planning. First, schedule an all-day appointment in your family calendar for your whole family. Whatever the plans will be, your whole family needs to be on-call for Mom.

Second, set up a list in the Shopping List section of Cozi. Title it “Mother's Day Plans.”

Next, bring Mom a cup of tea, and ask her to fill in the list with her ideas for the perfect Mother's Day. Tell her to add all the things she's been wanting to do, but hasn't had time to do. Tell her to think of herself, not the family. After all, that's what she does 24/7, and this day is meant for her!

Third, add another list for Mother's Day gift ideas. This is where Mom will help you get creative, and help you brainstorm for gifts that won't break the bank. Title the list “Mother's Day Wish List,” or “Top 10 Things My Family Could Do for Me on Mother's Day.”

Set Mom up with a second cup of tea, and tell her this is her chance to ask for all the little things she'd love her family to do for her or with her.

Watch out; the wishes on this list might not be expensive, but they might be more challenging to grant than buying a new pair of earrings or a new blouse. Wishes on this list might include a bicker-free family day or help with keeping the bedrooms tidy. Or, Mom's wish might be for the gift of more family time, which is precious and scarce.

Easy or challenging, fulfilling the wishes on this list will mean a lot more to Mom than gifts that come from a store, so ask her what she wants, and do your best to help her wishes come true. Make her day fun and enjoyable from start to finish to thank her for the great job she does being a mom for your family.

Next stop, Father's Day!


Amy's Stocking Stuffers

I love the questionnaire/survey idea!

jane crawford

my ex was a controller and on mother's day he never asked me what i wanted out of the day. he would get the kids excited about taking me to a certain movie or something, then when i would announce that i simply wanted to have a nice dinner at home and some time on the porch swing, the kids were all let down and suddenly i spoiled the day.....i will print this for my, now teenaged, kids and i think it will allow them to understand what mom's day should be....

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